Twisted Artistry

Signed/Numbered Twisted Artistry Stripper Deck

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Each deck is signed and numbered 
Only 52 available.
  • Each deck is professionally stripped by me, Terry Ady. (My work is well known for its precision to the many in the magic world).
  • Each deck is hand Signed & Numbered.
  • The Stripper Decks being offered exceed any Stripper Deck that you would find in any magic shop. They last longer and are far less noticeable than the mass produced stripper decks offered by major companies.


As with all of my Hand-Cut items, I do everything I can to ensure that each deck is stripped to PERFECT PRECISION. Once you have a deck, stripped by me, in your hands I can assure you you'll never want to buy a stripper deck from a major company again


LIMITED EDITION: Only 2500 printed! NOT to be reprinted.


Twisted Artistry is way of life, art is life and no matter what it throws at you or no matter how Twisted it becomes the art always remains.

I put Twisted Artistry in motion 4 years ago, in the beginning it was a name I created, under which I built custom close up pads and began building many gimmicks for Theory11, which I still do to this day.

When I made the decision to create Twisted Artistry, decks were always something I wanted to create eventually and I've finally hit that point in my career, after working full-time in the magic industry for 4 years now. Nothing makes me more proud than to see my creations finally coming to life!


I designed this deck that was engineered specifically as a gambling deck, but can easily be used for cardistry and magic. This deck has the potential to be used in any way you see fit! Although the Design and Concept are mine, I couldn't have brought it to life without the faith of both Daniel Schneider and Murphys Magic.


Daniel Schneider (Black Roses Playing Cards, Orbit, Polyantha) illustrated the deck and helped bring it to life. Daniel helped customize the illustrations on 'The Kickers' as well as the customized colors and is the best court cart designer in the business, it was a honor to have him assist me with this deck! Together we came up with the idea for our signatures on the tuck flaps, the amazing ace of spades with a wonderful effect, as well as a few other hidden things!


 This deck is much more than just a deck. This deck of playing cards represents something very special to me, it represents when my life changed for the better; a time when I quit my full time 8-5 Job and pursued Magic in any and every form possible.

 Twisted Artistry launched August 22nd 2015. 3 years after I shattered my right hand and was told my Drs that I would NEVER regain full functionality of it again. I made it my obsession to prove them wrong, at the time in 2012, I stumbled upon Daniel Madison. His story felt a lot like my own so I pushed myself with cards like i had never done before my hand broke. Cards and extensive stretching my hand past it's limits ultimately led to a extremely loud snapping sound in my hand one afternoon. All of a sudden i was able to bend my fingers more, but i didn't stop there, i pushed and pushed until my hands were better than they were before they broke.


 I say all that to say this, I got into magic and it didn't save my life; it opened doors for me to create a entirely NEW life.


 This deck of cards, when i hold it in my hands, It represents all the struggles I went through over the years. It represents the beauty of life, the beauty of recovery and simply put the beauty of magic.


"Ars gratia artis"


  • Limited edition 2500 print run
  • Printed by Catamundi
  • Premium B9 Finish
  • Linen finish
  • Duplicate King of Spades
  • Custom Jokers 'The Kicker'with Reveals
  • Custom Court Colors
  • Full Bleed Gambling Design
  • King of spades (Terry Ady Creator) and.      King of diamonds (Daniel Schneider Illustrator)
  • Poker Card (Used to show the custom Twisted Artistry Stack developed by Terry Ady)
  • Custom Ace of Spades that has the Twisted Artistry motto "Ars Gratia Artis"
  • Custom Matte Tuck Finish (Unlike any tuck I've ever experienced. Thick, durable and stunning to the touch.)
  • First edition



Additional information:


I will be teaching more on The Poker Card and the Twisted Artistry stack on my youtube channel in the near future which can be located here:



I will also be teaching many of the gaffing methods I've discovered while working in the industry for 4 years here:




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