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FS Control

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 This download will be laying the groundwork for a future handling that is a bigger part of what I once dubbed the CONtrol project.

 In this download you will learn the 'FS Control'
Which is used to accomplish things taught in the video such as:
- Twisted Change
- Double Triumph 
- World's Fastest Triumph 
 I've spliced together a few representations of the moves shown here that I've shot over the years for the trailer.
 The tutorial is almost 13 minutes long, shot from different angles, to expose the handling more precisely.
 Once you learn the groundwork of this control I'll be releasing something in the near future that takes a LOT of practice, but it is by far my favorite triumph/oil & water type trick I've developed over the years. The intriquite set of moves in that release or rather the title of the release is simply titled 'CONtrol'.
 I truly hope you enjoy the work I've put into this move... And please feel free to reach out to me if you have ANY questions or need any further help with this control or the tricks taught in the video.
 Thank you
Terry Ady 
 All moves/tricks shown and designed have been a result of my own creation. If it resembles anything anyone else has published inform me and I will give credit where credit is due

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