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Here you'll find Terry Ady, original downloads.


 I do not claim to be the original creator or inventor of my magic and methods, I only claim to have developed my methods and performances in my own original way, in seclusion without outside influences. Any similarities to other performers is purely coincidence due to the nature of the way the world works.. Nothing in this world is completely original, we as artists all eventually come to similar conclusions about our methods for deception. With that being said, I do my research before I sell anything and I do my best to credit anyone after creating a idea and/or method to acknowledge if anything I do does show any form of similarity. Most of the ideas that will be sold and shared here will be things I have developed within my life...so if there are any things that need to be acknowledged that I personally don't catch, feel free to reach out to me at terryady@gmail.com and I will ensure people are credited, provided they "came first". 

 Most of my methods have been time stamped ideas through private sources to show when I created them.


 I hope you all enjoy what will be offered in this area.



Terry Ady